Take it from Al Rey: Vampires just want to be loved.

Future thinking multi-instrumentalist Al Rey has addressed the vampire situation with a brand new song and video. "Vampire" features other-wordly vocals from Al Rey, as well as his bent viewpoint on bloodsuckers and his knack for rhythmic hypnotism. Vocal textures from jazz chanteuse Annie Ellicott complete the sonic lanscape.

Cut to a mix by Chuck Zwicky (Prince, The Rembrandts, Soul Asylum), the video of "Vampires" features Al Rey as someone you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley...or even a well lit alley. Annie Ellicott sets fire to the pixels in her alluring role as someone you would definitely want to meet, but if your vision goes all black-and-white, beware!

The whole vampy affair is set in a secluded mansion luxuriously appointed with rare antiques and taxidermy. In addition to Rey and Ellicott, the "Vampires" celebration features a variety of other exotic beings bent on partying until the sun comes up, literally.